Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Weather: 60°, perfect, blue skies

I have only one day more here. The mothers ask for photos and I need someone to translate that I can take photos (many photos!), but I will no longer be making prints. I've been making 4x6 prints of the portraits I've taken of the kids for them, and it has given me a bit of a look/connection/affection into their experience on the unit. I break the often sad routine.

The life of the unit in photos:

Iraq plate, with the beautiful Arabic calligraphy

On the wall in the unit...an example of the run-down condition of the place

Helen removes the protective plastic from the kick-plates on all the doors. The plastic has been there since the unit opened in this location....8 years ago! To me, it's representative of the shabbiness of the place. It took only about 10 minutes to remove it from all the doors. 

Dr. Hasanein visiting with child and mother

Sleeping boy

Only mothers and caretakers beyond this point! No other visitors on this unit.

The dinner cart

Traditional Iraqi bread

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  1. So glad to hear more stories and browse the photos. We r looking forward to your return home. Just can't imagine the varied thoughts and emotions u will bring home with u. Hope u have a satisfying last day.